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How To Create a Blog in WordPress in 2018

Want to create a blog in WordPress? This is a complete beginners guide that will help you to start your blog and do check the bottom section to learn how to use WordPress as well. All these pieces of information are free and feel free to take action and start building something new. This guide […]

Skyrocket Your Amazon Affiliates Site With Product Comparison Tables

If you’re monetizing your Amazon affiliates site, you’ll be looking for every potential opportunity to increase conversions. As we recently showed, using WooCommerce as the foundation for your affiliate referrals is an excellent start. However, you’ll also want to put some thought into how you display your affiliate products. Creating individual product reviews is important, especially […]

Difference Between Posts & Pages In WordPress

By default, WordPress gives you two different ways to create content – posts and pages. To make your site more user-friendly, it’s important that you properly use posts and pages when you add new content. But when you’re just getting started, it can be difficult to know when you should use a post and when […]

How To Create An Author Profile On Amazon

Who wouldn’t like his/her name in the author section of a book? Anyone would, right? I published my first ever eBook back in 2014. It was an outcome of countless sleepless nights and a lot of self-motivation to publish my first book. How did it go? Well, not great. The sale was decent, but it took […]

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